The Second Generation at Goldleaf Restaurant Continue to Cook up a Storm!

Goldleaf Restaurant was founded in 1971 in Orchard Road. At that time, they brought in 10 award-winning chefs from Taiwan and they became a “must-visit” restaurant for many overseas celebrities. “Our delicious porridge and home cooked style dishes are especially popular, and we hope that every customer can experience the taste of home here.” says Karen Phua, the second-generation head of the restaurant who was a teacher before she took over this historic business. ” We moved the restaurant to the current place at 86 East Coast Road three years ago, it is near in the bustling Katong, behind the Holiday Inn, and the location is really accessible and convenient. “We have always maintained the most traditional way of cooking. All the dishes are cooked fresh. We don’t have a central kitchen and we don’t use machines, we make everything by hand, even the sauces we use are made by us. When we make everything with our heart, we can build that emotional connection with our customers through the dishes.

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