Convert MS term docs to e-books at no cost. Composing may be painful, but you can find limitations.

The Smashwords e-book-publishing solution transforms term’s DOC files in to the EPUB, MOBI, along with other e-book platforms, but as long as you shun text containers, tables, along with other typical elements that are formatting the file, once the handy Smashwords guide describes.

The very first time we heard someone say “Everybody has a novel that they see a doctor right away in them,” I recommended.

At minimum that explains dozens of written books i’ve read that may actually have traveled through the writer’s colon.

Many individuals have actually unpublished novels along with other book-length documents sitting forlornly on the hard disk drive, waiting and waiting around for a gathering. If the magnum opus (and even half-pint opus) is just a term document which is prepared for the entire world to fall deeply in love with, provide the free Smashwords e-book-publishing solution a go.

Stick to the design guide’s formatting recommendations before submitting towards the Meatgrinder The world of e-books is huge. CNET’s David Carnoy has written two great overviews associated with present state of e-book publishing, each of which he recently updated: “just how to self-publish an e-book,” and “Self-publishing a novel: 25 things you should know.”

David’s tales mention Smashwords along side a few alternatives that are e-book-publishing. My objective ended up being only to transform about a dozen of my blog posts on managing associates into an e-book that is free Workers’ side Guide to make contact with Management.

We opted for contact-management strategies for my initial foray as the guidelines are one of the most popular i have written, while the e-book that is resulting be a workable length (slightly below 8,500 words).

It took me about 6 hours to mix the guidelines in to a DOC file, reformat the file after the 29 actions within the Smashwords type Guide (pdf), and upload the file to Smashwords’ Meatgrinder file converter. The style guide is written by Mark Coker, Smashwords’ creator. It offers A faq that is extensive links to Coker’s magazines on promoting your e-books.

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Since the contact-management guidelines had been written and posted in HTML initially, most of my production time entailed copying and pasting the written text and images from their website pages into term. Also through the Smashwords Meatgrinder without encountering some errors during the conversion if you wrote your book in Word, the file will likely require quite a bit of reformatting to make it.

As a by way of example, your file probably has tabs, tables, or text containers. They are on the list of formatting elements that can give the Meatgrinder fits. I might have benefited from obtaining the e-book product in a non-word structure to start out with because I was in a position to start the book-formatting process from scratch.

The Smashwords guide explains how exactly to eliminate all current formatting from a Word DOC file then reformat the product in a manner that will show well being an e-book. (properly, the very first associated with the guide’s 29 actions would be to create a backup content for the file just before do just about anything else.)

Procedures two and three are handy for many Word users: show paragraph markings (aka “pilcrows”) as well as other formatting, and disable term’s auto-correct and auto-format features. Probably the hardest instruction for me personally to check out would be to only use the paragraph style that is normal. Doing this requires you create custom paragraph designs for every font size and magnificence your document utilizes.

Make your very own TOC as opposed to let term make one for you personally The style guide walks you through the entire process of producing a connected dining table of articles for the book, which requires deleting the interior bookmarks Word produces automatically as well as producing part links manually. (Coker warns you to not ever utilize term’s automated ToC creator.) You may should also alter term’s standard establishing for line spacing.

The actual only real formatting mistake in the e-book I created ended up being the consequence of ignoring these tips. I changed each tip’s name to 24 points via term’s font-size drop-down menu as opposed to selecting the font size as a customized design beneath the Normal drop-down menu into the section that is paragraph-style. Within one e-book format, the end titles reverted into the standard Normal size of 12 points.

I became happy to discover that my attempt that is first to a DOC file to your Smashwords Meatgrinder resulted in zero reported mistakes.

The Smashwords AutoVetter analyzes the uploaded product and identifies the “glaring” format mistakes that may stop the guide from being within the solution’s Premium Catalog.

The particular file upload is as simple as pressing the Publish key on the internet site’s home page, supplying the guide’s name and an overview, establishing its cost (or designating it a freebie), entering a category and tags, seeking the e-book formats you wish to make use of, uploading the cover image (JPEG at the very least 2,400 pixels tall by 1,600 pixels wide), uploading the DOC file it self, and agreeing to your website’s regards to solution.

One-stop e-book publisher handles every detail for you Smashwords does an admirable task of anticipating the pitfalls newbie book publishers face and providing prompt advice. For example, the solution’s style guide provides boilerplate text when it comes to all-important front- and back-matter, such as for instance a permit statement for the copyright web page, an “concerning the author” template, and tips for marketing blurbs.

Yes, books are judged by their covers, and Coker emphasizes the significance of a good address image for the e-book. Smashwords suggests that the image be into the 3:2 that is standard length to width. The solution links to sites that are several provide to generate an address for the guide at affordable prices.

Being the cheapskate I ignored the advice to pay a pro to come up with a cover for my contact-management book that I am.

My lame try to create my very own cover stands apart such as a sore thumb next into the professionally crafted covers.

If you are uncertain concerning the cost to create for the e-book, you are able to allow visitors set the purchase price by picking that choice from the Smashwords form that is upload. You are additionally reminded that Apple calls for e-books it sells become coming in at 99 cents, $1.99, $2.99, or other quantity closing in .99.