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Old faithful. Good stuff, standards have not changed in the two decades I have eaten there.

Vernon Vasu

This restaurant is located at the newly opened Katong Square, a historical building which is next to 112 Katong. The ambience is great, simple and neat. There are a variety of dishes to choose from and the most memorable one is the signature cod fish, the skin is crispy and the flesh is tender. It also came with the special sweet sauce. The other special dish that you must try is Mei Choy Braised Pork, the texture of the pork belly is soft and could almost melt in your mouth. The staff was friendly and helpful. Will definitely come back next time.

Janice Wong

Reviews in Facebook

A group of us went down yesterday night and I have to say that the food there was very satisfying. One of the dishes that I would like to highlight would be the pork ribs. The ribs were not all fat and soft like how it usually is outside. It’s is a little crispy at the sides and tender and soft on the inside. It had a very nice sweet and savoury flavour to it. The presentation was as good as it taste.

We had a wonderful time having dinner there yesterday and we will definitely come back again

Daniel Ting
June 24, 2016

This restaurant is a hidden gem located within the midst of high-rise buildings in the downtown area. Just a few minutes walk away from Telok Ayer station, Goldleaf Restaurant is a nice option to consider having a sumptuous dinner after work.

I was rather impressed by the dishes in general. The pork ribs in particular were marinated well and the flavours still linger in my mouth long after my first bite. One dish which caught my attention was deep-fried vermicelli noodles served with seasonal vegetables. The unique attraction of this dish was the gravy prepared mainly out of egg yolks which complimented the ingredients nicely.

I ordered a longan drink which was an in-house specialty. The sweetness was just right and I felt like ordering a second glass.

I would highly recommend this restaurant to others. The ambience is decent and it is always nice eating with a group of friends and having conversations about the food.

Melvin GreenTea Melon
June 24, 2016

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January 20

February 11

Blogger’s Raves

Believe this was one of the stars of the menu and in my opinion – the perfect dish to go with your porridge! Tender pork belly and delicious preserved vegetables, just mix the latter with your porridge and you will be a happy person for the night!

February 21, 2017

Food Guide Website’s Raves

They determined to serve heartwarming fare that offers comfort and nostalgia to diners, they had brought in a team of award-winning chefs to helm the restaurant at Orchard Road, whilst developing a range of immensely popular dishes that have now become their signature dishes. Their legacy lives on in the succeeding generations of chefs whom they have mentored and passed down their recipes to. Containing both traditional favorites and dishes influenced by modern flavours, there is sure to be something for everyone.

March 21, 2018

P.S.: Our opening hours have been changed and we closed daily at 10pm.
Also, we longer have any set menu available at the moment. To view our menu, click: http://goldleaf.com.sg/menu/

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